Technology and humans are doomed to evolve together

It is now widely accepted that it does not make sense to compare natural and artificial intelligence, but to take advantage of the complementarity of both. Computer systems are becoming increasingly intelligent and natural physical and human capabilities are continuously extended with artificial elements. The great advances of the future involve making the most of the co-dependence and synergies between human beings and artificial systems, or, to paraphrase Edward A. Lee, one of the fathers of cyber-physical systems, the “living digital beings”.

The Smart Computer Systems Research and Engineering (SCORE) lab is very well positioned to play a key role in this area of research. It has research groups that research the development and operation of intelligent systems, and that transfer their results to different application domains. This activity gives meaning to the complementarity of the four major research areas of our lab:natural computing, neuromorphic engineering,information systems, and software and services engineering.

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